ON/OFF/SCREEN is interested in navigating the different ways through which screen can be construed—
as an idea; as an interface; as a medium—and rendered: body/skin as screen; text as screen etc,
rooted in three positions: on-screen, or the moving image and the processes through
which it is generated; off-screen, or the specific material and/or contextual conditions from
which a moving image arises; and the screen, the interface on which
the a moving image is consumed and its relationship to a viewer.

Extending from media art theorist Gene Youngblood’s assertion that expanded
cinema “isn't a movie at all: like life it's a process of becoming, man's ongoing historical drive
to manifest his consciousness outside of his mind, in front of his eyes,
”ON/OFF/SCREEN is an exhibition that attempts to explore the entanglements between
reality, representation, and discourse, as facilitated by the variegating interpretations of the moving image.

Contemplating the porosity and possibilities of an expanded cinematic practice in
contemporary image- making, this exhibition features 8 artists—Piyarat Piyapongwiwat, ila,
Salty Xi Jie Ng, Lynette Quek, Ashley Hi, Huijun Lu, Farizi Noorfauzi, and Jevon Chandra—
whose inter-disciplinary practices blur the formal and conceptual boundaries between forms
such as performance, digital art, new media art, and installation.